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Feb 1, 2022

SHE WELL READ is a bite-sized book club that believes we, as women, learn just as much in conversation with each other as we do through reading… so naturally, we combined the two! Each season of the podcast, best friends Alana & Samra, discuss a book that feels relevant & timely to us as twenty-somethings attempting to find balance in our lives as full-time corporate baddies & part-time creatives babies. 

SWR releases episodes every Wednesday while in-season / releases bonus episodes every few weeks while in-between seasons. Whether you want to read along & provide your input on a weekly basis (please do!) or if you would prefer to listen at your own pace, all types of readers are encouraged to tune in. :)

Special thank you to the Well Read Baddies tuning in. Your consistent support never goes unnoticed. <3  

Welcome in!

SHE WELL READ’s audio is produced by Alana Baumann and theme song created by TOPNOTCH BEATS. 

Well Read Baddie Materials: